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4 years
36 weeks ago

Kustaa Saksi & Gert Wingardh

Installation for Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair
Posted by Gestalten—02/2013

Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh and Finnish illustrator Kustaa Saksi have joined creative forces to design the installation that will set the stage for talks on design and architecture at the fair.

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Unveils Phoenix Observation Tower
Posted by Gestalten—12/2012

The Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) is commissioned by Novawest to design a 420 ft tall mixed-use observation tower to serve as a symbol for the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

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Patterns and Layering

Book Launch in Tokyo
Posted by Gestalten—11/2012

We are pleased to announce the Japanese book launch of Patterns and Layering taking place at the University of Tokyo on Sunday, November 18th.

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Patterns and Layering

Japanese Spatial Culture, Nature and Architecture
Posted by Gestalten—10/2012

According to renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, "this book aims to establish the interrelation between patterns and layering within architecture".

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Going Public

Public Architecture, Urbanism and Interventions
Posted by Gestalten—08/2012

Going Public, now available from Gestalten, showcases the creative revival of public space in our urban and rural landscapes.

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Let's Go Out!

Interiors and Architecture for Restaurants and Bars
Posted by Gestalten—08/2012

Let’s Go Out!, now available from Gestalten, presents engaging architecture and interior design for restaurants, bars, and clubs.

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A new structural joint
Posted by Gestalten—06/2012

Realizing the structural integrity of the interlocking members, QuaDror is made from the assembly of four identical L-shaped pieces, either thin resulting in a trestle structure, or thick resulting in a solid panel.

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Sou Fujimoto

Posted by Gestalten—06/2012

The Kunsthalle Bielefeld is presenting the first monographic exhibition in Europe on the Japanese architect.

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