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6 years
28 weeks ago

De Joode & Kamutzki

Auction in Berlin
Posted by Gestalten—03/2011

De Joode & Kamutzki is a new auction house founded by artist/curator Rachel de Joode and artist/auctioneer Maria Kamutzki.

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Typography Symposium in Munich
Posted by Gestalten—03/2011

20plusX, a typography symposium organized by the Munich University of Applied Sciences, will take place on 15 and 16 April.

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Erwin Wurm

Lecture in Vienna
Posted by Gestalten—03/2011

Austrian artist Erwin Wurm will be giving a lecture at Vienna's University of Applied Arts on Tuesday, 15 March.

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Boris Tellegen

Exhibition in Amsterdam
Posted by Gestalten—03/2011

Artist Boris Tellegen is currently putting the final touches to his exhibition Subduction Zones.

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Gabriel Moreno

Illustrations for Vögele Shoes and the Wall Street Journal
Posted by Gestalten—03/2011

Illustrator Gabriel Moreno has created a series of three illustrations for footwear brand Vögele Shoes, while also illustrating an article for the Wall Street Journal.

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Danielle de Picciotto

New album Hitman's Heel released
Posted by Gestalten—03/2011

American artist, musician and filmmaker Danielle de Picciotto has recently released her latest musical project.

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Scott Campbell

Solo show in LA
Posted by Gestalten—03/2011

For this exhibition New York-based artist Scott Campbell used copper, currency, graphite, ink, and neon, transforming his signature tattoo subculture iconography into new bodies of work.

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Frank Huelsboemer

Exhibition in Berlin
Posted by Gestalten—02/2011

The Berlin-based photographer locates unmoved objects at the intersection/within the tension field of aesthetic abstraction and  conceptual content.

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