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New Interiors for Restaurants and Cafés

6 years
24 weeks ago

Good Weather

A Solo Exhibition by Sarah Illenberger

Gestalten is pleased to announce Good Weather, a solo show by Berlin-based visual artist Sarah Illenberger featuring a large selection of her three-dimensional illustrations and the exclus

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Posted by Gestalten—08/2011

August Shop of the Month

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Newspaper-crafted Kiosk in NYC
Posted by Gestalten—08/2011

The Melbourne company recently opened its first US store inside New
York's Grand Central Terminal. The kiosk, designed by Aesop Director

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Numen/For Use

Net installation in Hasselt
Posted by Gestalten—07/2011

The Austrian/Croatian collective, which was founded in 1999 by Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic, has realized yet another amazing project.

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La Pipo: The Route of Things

New Gestalten Font Out Now!
Posted by Gestalten—07/2011

Calling your font La Pipo might cause some people to think there's a certain lack of seriousness on your part.

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Shepard Fairey

Exhibition in Copenhagen
Posted by Gestalten—07/2011

"Your Ad Here", recent works by Shepard Fairey, comprises a broad array of mixed media works on canvas and paper, as well as screen prints, retired stencils, and Rubylith cuts.

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Erwin Wurm

Open air exhibition in Antwerp
Posted by Gestalten—07/2011

Rave Is Over

Temporary Spaces and After Show

Gestalten is proud to present a solo show by Martin Eberle that will feature photographs from his series Temporary Spaces and After Show.

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