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The Intersection of Design and Craft

A Design Collective Rooted in African Tradition
Posted by Gestalten—04/2017

"Les Coiffeuses" — by Mohamed Bididane said Akama (jeweler), Béatrice Durandard (designer) and Fatima Boutali said Malnash (embroiderer), Hors Pistes 2014


Hors Pistes explore the relation between craft and design, bringing international designers and local artisans together for creative exchange. They state: "Hors Pistes is a laboratory where people develop alternative processes of creation. Artisans share their traditional technics, and designers share their creative process. It is also an opportunity for designers and craftsmen to break their working habits by sharing with creators from a totally different culture." Co-founders and designers Marie Douel and Amandine David spent some time in Burkina Faso back in 2013, working with leather craftsmen and aluminum casters while also getting to know young designers, who were very interested in local crafts. So they decided to bring them together and hosted their first workshop in the country’s capital Ouagadougou in the same year.

View a small extract of the resulting products below and find more of their work in our book Africa Rising, showcasing the work of Africa’s young creatives alongside more established artists from the continent’s vibrant metropolises.

"Weke" — by Evelyne Ouedraogo (plastic-bag weaver) and Sarah Viguer (designer), Hors Pistes 2013


"Les Empocheurs" — by Béatrice Durandard (designer), Sita Koné, Hilou Nougué and Sita Sanyan (palm weavers), Hors Pistes 2014


"Toiture" — by Christophe Machet and Maurice Nagalo (designers), Hors Pistes 2013


"Brassée" — by Mohamed Bididane said Akama and Annie Sibert (jewelers), Hors Pistes 2014


"Argentique" — by Valentine Dubois (designer) and Emmanuel Ilboudo (aluminium caster), Hors Pistes 2013


"Maïmouna/Maïmouno" — by Antoine Boudin (designer) and Maïmouna Traoré (palm eaver), Hors Pistes 2014


"Catharsis(s) – Raphaël" (self healing fetishes made by workshop participants) — Series of 13 images, by Émile Barret, Hors Pistes 2013


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