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The Labyrinth Home

Step Inside Xavier Corbero's Sculptural Home
Posted by Gestalten—05/2017

Stepping inside the home, office, and studio space of Spanish artist and sculptor Xavier Corbero feels like entering a surreal maze. At the heart of it, you'll find a sculptural six-story atrium pierced with arches that allow light to flow into its core and into the rooms beyond. The dancing light creates ever-changing patterns as the sun moves across the sky while at the very top, plants that dangle into the void. The growth of Corbero’s creation over the decades has been organic, so he simply adds each new structure at whim. There are sliding walls and there are doors in floors—you never quite know where a staircase will lead you. As you pass from one space to the next, you could be forgiven for feeling that—much like the atrium at the heart of the building—you are simply going around in circles.

Find Corbero’s home alongside other amorphous interiors that invite the mind to wander in our recent release Inside Utopia—Visionary Interiors and Futuristic Homes.

Images © Salva López

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